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Don't screenshot any fixtures or add them to your calendar as fixtures may change. Wait for your next fixture's reminder email. Click here for tie-break rules.

Registration FAQ's 

Please click here for a full list of our Registration FAQ's

Team Registration

If you are clear that you have a committed group of players who wish to play, enter your team and player details by clicking on the link below.

Register a team

Individual / Ringer / Free Agent Registration

If you are a single adult player (15years+) and don't have a team please follow this link and enter your details.

Once completed if we know any teams looking for players, we'll put you in touch. You'll also receive a confirmation e-mail to join our Facebook page for individuals (You must first sign up online before you will get approved to join), here teams are constantly looking for players to fill in for a game or full time players for their team. 

Pick Up Football
We're excited to launch the SportSocial app, a new way to find and play football games when you can't commit to a league structure.
Real games with real people in Auckland.

Simply download the app, find a game that suits you and join. It’s that easy!
DOWNLOAD THE APP or search for SportSocial in your app store
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Junior/Youth Leagues - Individual Registration (Register & Pay Online) 


Please note for security the system works on 1 e-mail per user, if you have multiple kids please register them under separate e-mail accounts, If this is not possible please get in contact with the venue manager and we will find an alternate solution.

Certain junior / youth leagues we allow individuals to enter and pay. Fee's must be paid upfront in order for us to place you into a team.
Current venues offering this are the following (6-10yrs only)

Follow the link to complete this process online - CLICK HERE